The Third Day of Christmas – Three French Hens

The Third Day of Christmas – Three French Hens.Not much to cover here…basically they are hens from France.  There is a unique hen, the Poulet de Bresse, that has blue feet and became popular as a food thanks to Henry IV enjoying the meat of the bird.  Google french hens and the kiddos can see pictures of the hens.  Now for the fun part, let’s learn some French.  Five french phrases you need to know: I am going to have Nada post those phrases since she is the French speaker.  

Okay, everyone, here are the five French most essential French phrases, in my opinion.

“Merci.” Thank you. Not exactly a phrase, but manners are very important to the French (and to me!).

“S’il vous plait.” Please. Equally important. Pronounced “seel voo play.”

“Bonjour” and “Salut”: Formal and informal greetings.

“Comment allez-vous?” or “Ca va?” Formal and informal ways of saying “how are you.” The first is pronounced “como tallay voo,” more or less.

“Il fait froid,” “Il fait chaud,” and “Il pleut.” It’s cold, it’s hot, and it’s raining.

Bonus phrases: “J’ai faim” and “j’ai soif.” I’m hungry and I’m thirsty.  

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