Top 5 Favorite Reads on the Sunshine State Book List 2014-15

Top 5 Favorite Reads on the Sunshine State Book List 2014-15

Lightning and I have completed all the Sunshine State Books and decided to list our top five and the reasons why we choose them.  We have also provided you links to our blog posts on each book.  The books are listed in no particular order.

Lightning and I had a hard time deciding the top five as we enjoyed all the books on the list, but we really wanted to give our tops so if you only were reading a few you would make sure to read these.

Escape Mr. Lemencello’s Library – This is about the coolest library.  If this library really existed both adults and kids would love this place.  The book dealt with issues of honestly, deadlines, friendships, cheating and teamwork.  The clues were not easily figured out and the sleuthing was exciting.

Elvis and the Underdogs – Well the word dog is in it so it has to be good…ok we are dog lovers at our house.  We put this book on the list because it had a talking dog and who doesn’t love a book where a dog is talking.  This book hit on the issues of bullying and differences between people and dealt with them in a way most kids could relate.  The kids find out the bully isn’t that different than them and that everyone is different in their own way so enjoy who you are.

Hooper Finds a Family – I dreaded reading this book, yep, because it had a dog in it and I knew something sad was going to happen to the dog.  I am a fan of books that give animals human qualities and allow you to experience an event through their eyes (or at least how the author sees the event through their eyes).  There was a happy ending.

Dorko TheMagnificient –  I am a huge fan of books that support relationships with grandparents and senior citizens.  I was super close with my grandparents and feel I am a better and smarter person for it.  This book is all about a senior relatives relationship with a young boy.  I love that you get to see their relationship develop and see it from the child’s point of view, although he is not quite sure about their relationship he is open to trying.  We also see Dorko struggle through his lack of success with his magic tricks and how his continued practice leads to success.

Magic Marks The Spot – Who doesn’t love a book about pirates, especially pirates with a kind side?  Hilary desperately wants to be a pirate, but her stuffy father wants her to go to a finishing school.  This book includes mystery, suspense, magic and a little bit of fun.  It has a little bit of everything for the reader..

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