My husband Kevin recently posted an interesting question to the girls. If they had to choose between all of their toys, or their IPADS, which would they choose? Without hesitation, they chose their IPADs. (I’m glad he didn’t ask them to choose between the IPADs and each other.) Eva is a gamer who adores Minecraft but also loves learning games and anything challenging. while Lola would watch back to back episodes of her favorite shows for hours if I let her, so to her, it’s a portable TV set. Not good. With two tech-obsessed girls, I tend to stay away from fueling their tech addiction by buying more technology, so for something to win me over, it has to be good. These are the tech toys that have made my list.

A classic gets an upgrade.
A classic gets an upgrade.

1. Simon Swipe, $14.76

I was addicted to the old-school version of this when I was a kid, so I was glad to see it brought back – with an upgrade. A touch screen adds to the challenge, but the colors, lights and sounds stay the same. Amazon.

Osmo brings the IPAD to life.

2. Osmo, $79

The girls can bring their beloved IPADs to life with Osmo, which allows them to use the IPAD to interact with real people and real objects. Great concept! Osmo

See things from your pet's perspective.
See things from your pet’s perspective.

3. Pet’s Eye View Camera, $26.34

Pet lovers will love retracing their pet’s day, and seeing things from a different perspective, with this ingenious camera that clips on to your pet’s collar. WalMart

Fun, with oodles of personality.
Fun, with oodles of personality.

4. Zoomer Interactive Dog, $80 and up

This interactive robot dog might not take the place of the puppy on Eva’s Christmas list, but it has enough personality to make her forget about it, for a while. Amazon

A friendly, educational robot.
A friendly, educational robot.

5. Romo, $149.99

Another interactive robot “pet”, Romo teaches kids early programming and robotics concepts in a fun, friendly way. Amazon

Printies allows kids to design, print and stuff their own toys.

6. Printies, $13.17

This unique toy has a technology component and a tactile one, allowing kids to design their own toys using the software, then print it out on fabric “paper” and stuff it to create their own toy. Cute! Amazon

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