“Nada and I agree strongly that one of the best educations you can give your child is to travel. Take their heads out of a book and let them experience London, France and India by taking a trip, and if those places are out of reach, then try Washington, D.C. or Oregon or a journey on the Lewis & Clark expedition route.

There are so many ways your children can learn besides just reading about a place.  In my opinion, hands-on learning is the best way to cement what you learn. I am lucky because Lighting seems to remember a lot of what she reads, but I still do not think there is anything better than touching, feeling and seeing what you are studying.  For example, when we studied the redwood trees, we went to the Redwood Forest in California.

Now, much to our dismay, we know we will not be able to take our children to every place we  want to and neither will you.  When we travel we will try to provide you as much information and resources as we can so you can take a virtual trip with us. Our goal is to help you and your child feel as if you are there with us. We might even take you on some virtual trips with us as we prepare for our next educational travel experience or wishfully prepare for a travel adventure.  Thanks for traveling with us.” Jean

“As Jean mentioned, we are both avid travelers. To me, travel is the greatest gift you can give your family. My girls have done some domestic travel but I have also been fortunate enough to take them to Paris and to Mexico. My goal is to take a year off and travel with them while homeschooling. I also feel strongly that kids should be exposed to different languages and have been teaching them some French and Arabic. I know how much it has enriched my life to speak other languages and want them to have that same advantage.” Nada

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