Since we are started to travel and souvenirs are always an issue I have been thinking what am I going to go when Lightning  wants a souvenir from every place we go.  Uuuugghhh. More stuff in my house I have no place to put.  Fortunately, when we were last at Epcot I found this little souvenir album for those pressed pennies you can purchase for $0.50 at each country.  Lightning loved it and we started collecting pennies.  We only collected about 4 that day.  As I was packing for our recent trip to Savannah I saw her little album and thought what if we collect a penny from every place we visit.  Usually you can find those machines everywhere.  Lighting thought this was great and during our stay she easily spotted two machines in Savannah and we made our penny souvenirs.

Souvenir – √….. cost $1.00.


While we were walking around a Five and Dime story we found a bracelet for $5.00 that holds the penny souvenir.  You can interchange the penny whenever you want.  I have never seen this before and definitely did not want to pass it up.  We purchased that for all our future travels too.

Souvenir – √….. cost $5.00.


Finally, while we were walking around the same store we saw post-cards.  I asked Lightning if she wanted to buy any (4 for $1.00) to send home to friends.  Another light bulb went off in my head and I asked her did she want to send a postcard home to herself too.  She thought that was way cool and opted to send two to friends and two to her.  She picked out the postcards that most represented what she liked about Savannah and how she saw Savannah.  She wrote herself a note and mailed it home.  I love this idea.  We will definitely be able to find postcards everywhere and I love that she can look back at them years to come and read what she wrote to herself.  I told her to write what she enjoyed most about the trip so when she looked at the post cards later she would remember her trip. (4 post cards written, unknown to her she was receiving a grammar lesson) I am now in search of a post card album.  I have seen some but they are a little bland. If anyone knows where I can get one let me know.

Souvenir – √….. cost $1.00.


All in all $7.00 for souvenirs…score.  Future cost $2.00.

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