Woke up this morning early thanks to my dog.  Actually everyone in the house was woken up early by one of our dogs.  The sun was just rising and the morning was beautiful.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to take a walk on the beach (fortunately the beach is walking distance from our house) and she naturally jumped at the chance.  On the beach by 7 AM I thought we are going to accomplish a lot today when we get home.  I have the whole morning to get through her schoolwork.  Little did I know I as going to accomplish a whole lot more during our hour walk on the beach.  I was quickly reminded why I love home schooling.  While other kids were in school, my daughter was able to see several sea turtle nests, observe birds in flight, see driftwood and learn about our protected grasses by actually observing the real grass, birds, turtle nest and not jus seeing them in a book.   Once we arrived home she went right to the computer to learn more about the sea turtles, their nesting and when their eggs hatch.  We then moved on to identifying the birds we saw on the beach.  Little did I know this walk on the beach would tie into our current study of birds.  

We still covered our “regularly school work” in addition to our self-created lessons from the beach, but we talked about our observations at the beach most of the day and how it intertwined with our schoolwork. 

If you child attends school you can still take advantage of these “home school” moments – everyone can, we just have to make a little more effort to remember to look around us and not forget to share what we know with our kids or go learn something new with them.  It’s important to stay informed on what your kids are studying in school,  and always be alert to an educational opportunity to be explored.  I believe you will find your kids looking for those opportunities too once they see you are open to it.  My daughter sometimes spots things that are not on my radar, but if she shows an interest in it I make sure we take it a step further and learn something new about whatever is sparking her interest.


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