We Rented an RV – Fort Wilderness



So my daughter has been desperately wanting us to buy an RV and go camping. Now, if you know me this is not exactly up my alley. I love, love, love the outdoors, but I don’t feel I need to sleep outside near bugs, however, I am intrigued. A good friend of mine has bought a small camper and they are camping almost every weekend. As a home-schooler this inspires me. We already home school in the car on long trips, why not have a camper where we can bring the dog with us, be outside, but still have the luxury of our living room and more space than my car. Opportunity presented itself. My friend called and informed me they were staying at Fort Wilderness for the home schooling convention and suggested we join them and the hubbies and kids could hang out while we were attending the conference. We took the plunge.

Hubby was in charge of getting a modest camper for us. Now I should have thought this through before I said you are in charge. Hubby is the guy who gets me a large at Starbucks because you get more bang for your buck buying the larger one even though I ask for a small. Well you see where this is going. I am not sure if they make a bigger RV than what we rented. (I know they do but this RV was pretty big).


My only requirement for the RV was I wanted an RV that we could walk around in while we drove, not a Fifth Wheel. Well, that might have been a mistake. We had a ball in the camper while it was parked in our driveway. Friends came over and we all hung out in there for a few hours. I was ready to go. Then we started driving. Oh my, I was in a boat on wheels with really high waves. The RV seemed like it never stopped rocking.   Lightning and I could not wait until we reached our destination, about 1.5 hours away. I am so glad we were on a short trip.

When we arrived everything was fairly easy. Disney, as always, could not have been nicer and cleaner. Each site was equipped with a grill and a picnic table. The spots were close together so privacy was not really an option, but we were there to hang out with our friends outside so we didn’t care. We actually met the people right next to us who had 2 kids around the ages of our kids and they were also there for the home school conference. All the kids played together.

Quick review on Disney Fort Wilderness, the pool was big and temperature of the pool was nice. They have a fun slide in the pool, a campfire nightly to roast marshmallows (bring your own marshmallows, sticks, graham crackers and chocolate for smores – if you forget the Disney stores on the campgrounds sell it all, likely cheaper than buying from the truck there). Sing-a-longs and a nightly movie are offered for free. Definitely bring bikes and/or rent a golf cart. We did both. There is a restaurant with a dinner show available. A beach party was also held while we were there. I can’t say we had a true “camping” experience, but I did love hanging outside with friends. I particularly loved when the kids came up with playing baseball with Lightning’s tennis racket and pinecones; the dads even joined in to play. No electronics, just pure outdoor fun. Loved it.

On a homeschooling note, on the way there I had Lightning take a Saxon Math and a Singapore Math placement test in case I opted to purchase either at the conference.  Other than her reading  there was no major homeschooling on the trip (by that I mean we did not study the books).  There were an abundance of birds, squirrels and bugs there that she observed; we almost came home with a pet inchworm but she was convinced to leave it in its natural habitat.  After several years homeschooling I have learned that following your school calendar, planning school work, following your curriculum are not always what is needed to educate your child.  Simply playing outside in nature is sometimes just enough for mind, body and soul.

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