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Why do we homeschool?


Nada and I did a periscope today and we were asked why we homeschool. I thought this was a great question and I get it more frequently than you would think.  I don’t mind the question at all, but sometimes I am troubled that people automatically think that it is because we are religious, which I am,  I believe in God and I am proud of it, or they think that my child has some struggles.  All of these, in my opinion, are good reasons to homeschool and a hundred other reasons people choose to homeschool.  Now, here is the disappointing news, I don’t have a special reason.  It is simply because that is what worked for us at the time my daughter was to start school.

Did I have anxiety when we started?  Yep, but not as much as I have now.  When I started it was just skipping VPK, voluntary pre-kindergarden, a program offered in Florida that it seems almost everyone does, then it was just kindergarden.  When we kept her home for first grade I still was fine with our choice as she was reading already and I figured she still couldn’t fall that far behind if I totally messed up.  Now that she is going into fifth grade my stress level is rising.  Shockingly, I say this in jest,  is mostly caused by testing. Now we are not required to take standardized tests in Florida, however, I have started having her take them to check her  progress and to get her used to testing, after all, she will need to do well on standardized tests for those college applications.

We do not follow the same curriculum as the school, nor do I teach subjects in the same order as the school, i.e., we covered chemistry this year in fourth grader, but we have not yet covered earth science.  This is where my stressors come in for testing.  I assume the schools are going to be covering material at a different pace and order than I do at home, yet the kids in school are likely being taught material that is on the test.  Also, I worry, what if school is one day right for my daughter, will she be behind because we covered material in a different order than the school.   I worry and then put that aside realizing that we can always catch up if need be and more likely than not we are right on track….as the prior standardized tests have shown.  My daughter has a love for learning; I feel confident wherever she winds up that love for learning will push her to success.


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