Why I love and hate that my child is growing up in a world with Facebook?


Why I love and hate that my child is growing up in a world with Facebook?

I did not sign up on Facebook willingly.  A friend, who will go unnamed, but she knows who she is, created an account on her own for me.  I entered the Facebook world very, very, very slowly.  I was freaked out about publishing anything about my daughter or life on “the web” believing that one bad person was trolling Facebook looking for my family.  I became more engaged in Facebook as my friends would say, “Why weren’t you here or there?” and I would say, “I didn’t know about it”, and, of course, their response was “I posted it on Facebook”.  I am now fully vested in Facebook as a result of blogging – as you probably know Facebook is pretty much a must in the blogging world.  The more vested I become in Facebook the more I love and hate it.

I love that we can reach a massive audience with a touch of a key stroke and I hate that we can reach a massive audience with a touch of a key stroke. Everything you do, good or bad, can be out there within seconds.

I love that I can find out what is going on in town and I hate that I know everything that is going on in town and all the things I missed or worse, wasn’t invited to by my friends.

I love that I get great ideas on activities to do with my daughter and I hate that I feel inadequate and can never do all the activities I see.

I love that I can share with my family and friends things that we do and I hate that people I don’t know see what I am doing with my friends and family.

I feel Facebook, in a sense, is extreme voyeurism.  We go on daily to see what everyone is doing.  For some people it is an obsession. I have taken to mostly viewing pages I have liked only.

I love that my daughter will grow up in a society where information can be obtained easily and quickly.  I think it is awesome that you can receive important news quickly for your safety.

I hate that my daughter will not be able to make a mistake without it being captured on video and posted on Facebook within a second or that a secret can be shared by on Facebook with hundreds of people.

I hate that she will be on Facebook in a few years and see all the parties or events her friends have had or went to, and find out she wasn’t invited or included.

I hate that she may actually feel inadequate or actually develop low self-esteem because of Facebook.  Now do I think this will really happen?  I certainly hope not.  If you know my daughter, she is very secure in who she is and is confident in the person she is, but I can certainly see how this could happen.  I tell her if she wasn’t included in something or invited somewhere God had a better plan for her that day, even if it was some free relaxing time at home.  Never feel less of a person for not being included, realize God has put an opportunity in front of you to use your time differently.  We have already faced  being excluded from an event or activity.  We have come out unscathed by the event and, ironically, most of the time we only know about the missed event because of Facebook.  I am fortunate in that  if Lightning finds out about it, usually she will say she isn’t really good friends with that person so would not expect to be invited or she was happy she wasn’t invited so we were able to do whatever we did that day.  It is a blip in her day.  I certainly hope this continues through the middle and high school years.

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